THE Chef

Chat Daddy the Chef


Chat Daddy's chef experience began as a young child watching and learning from his father, a well-known Chef, in the 70's into the 90's. His father was the famed Chef of the very popular restaurant The Branding Iron and his barbecuing techniques were the most influential during his 20 years as the executive Chef. Chat Daddy also gained knowledge from watching his mother prepare her down home southern meals and with both parent’s cooking background combined Chat Daddy's culinary skills became second nature. 

Chat Daddy's first TV appearance as a Chef was on the Bubble Gum Digest, a weekly Chicago based news magazine for and by children, where he did a cooking segment at the young age of 9 years old which was broadcasted on WMAQ-TV Chicago. Chat Daddy has continued to offer his Chef services at private and public events along with making special tv appearances for fun cooking segments! Book Chef Chat Daddy today!